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Wrist Tattoos For Girls

There should be only one thing you should ask yourself when it comes to choosing a tattoo on the wrist. Do you go with a generic run of the mill design, or will you take the time to come up with a cool work that is entirely yours. Now the choice is yours, but there are too many women who simply go with the first design that they come across. Here's how to avoid this problem all together.

The choice of a tattoo is as unique and original. If you are going to be looking for a great design in the wrong way you are going to be looking through countless amounts of generic versions of Flash, which is likely to have been copied over and over again. So you get to meet some the wrong way to look for. It would simply be looking at what the search engines have to offer. This is not a way to find high-quality images that simply do not suck.

Because I am full of you wrong What do you think you begin to go beyond the proper way to find the flash large tattoo on the wrist. You can look at a blog tattoo, tattoo blog ok great, very active and is accurate. Tattoo forums are great ways to find fresh, quality tattoo art.

The reason why this forum is so large, because of inside information, can offer.You can pull up information on the forum archives, you can see all the arguments and information on previous discussions. And 'through these types of forums that you are going to find the best wrist tattoos for women. You just need to put in the study.

Keep Nail Polish?

Fund nail polish? But still do not know how to keep them for a long time? Here are some tips that can help you maintain and use them in an orderly manner.

* Most nail polish is flammable, so avoid placing them, even for a short period of time on things such as stoves, heaters, etc.* Nail polish does not hold. So if you want to wash dishes for more than 15 minutes, the rubber gloves are essential.
* If the smell of nail polish makes you dizzy, you can go to the terrace and use it there. When in the open, the smell is less stifling. In any case, ventilate the room after finishing the polishing your nails.* If you want to keep nail polish longer period of time, store in refrigerator. Also do not leave open bottles, as this not only makes it dry, but exposure to toxic substances it contains.
Even a manicure skilled escape a drop of nail polish or a bottle on the table. If this happens, remove the drop rapidly, as it leaves permanent stains on the table. If you do not remove the nail from the top to drop the bottle, the bottle can be glued closed.

Revlon Nail Polish

There is a common denominator that women share in the world and that is to look and feel beautiful. This includes skin care, hair and body. One area that has universal appeal for women is to keep nails strong and beautiful.

Most women seeking to have beautiful nails all the time but sometimes found it difficult to maintain a good appearance when using Polish or chips melted in a short time, it makes Revlon Nail unusual.

75,000 words!


Design Your Own Prom Dress Ideas

It takes time and effort to design your own prom dress very talented and even if you sew. If you do not have the jurisdiction to make gowns, only the design of your gown and then find a seamstress who can take your idea and make it a reality

Start early if you plan to create a ball gown for yourself. Examine the fashion magazines, then you become aware of materials and styles of prom dresses is produced by the great couturiers. Since the show is the highlight of the year senior, thought and choice is crucial. You may be inspired to upgrade your wardrobe to see what models are and control fashion in trendy boutiques. By placing the screens you see in stores and advertising, you can get an idea of ​​how a style or design that suit you.
 After reaching home, you will need to draw up as soon as your ball gown is based on the information box on your purchases. Before settling on a final choice must always be made at least three projects. When that project your dream dress, keep in mind the shape of the body. You can design your own prom dress in order to hear your friends. To accept the proposals.

In order to match you need to wear these things - big shoes, jewelry, fine, handbags and other accessories. Find colors that coordinate well with these. When you meet a local producer dress, please send us a project and ask for the best suitable material. Or you buy the same fabric, or a seamstress, was added to the final billing.

Most of the dresses worn to a prom tend to be more conventional - not a sexy look. Some design elements are not practical, so your design must allow for alternatives. Your seamstress will have the experience to make suggestions. What you create can not win a prize, but will look great on you.

Although it is not easy to design your own prom dress can be fun. There are many changes in the drawing and sketches. You will be able to track their own size and body shape. Finally, the type of dress you choose will be an analysis of how your body adapts. Of course, sometimes she wants to look beautiful and elegant.
Prom dress is only part of what you remember your night. The most famous fashion designer clothes can be assessed at any price they want. And you can start dreaming of becoming one of them! Faith in oneself is important.
 Today may be the most famous, but on his first attempt, would not have succeeded. The reason for his rise to fame was the perseverance and the objectives of the company. Design your own prom dress can be the beginning - they soon will be designing clothes for every occasion

Pretty Girls, Tattoos

There's really no reason to search for cute girl tattoos, if all you see is generally similar to that stuff. Saddest part is happening more often, since more than 80% of individuals not yet locate the site "a", which is good, well-made art of tattooing. Most are just a walk in the same impeccable, the images over and over again. Let me explain to you a simple way to circumvent the problem, though, so it's easy to look good again, tattoos cute girl at the moment.

There is a wrong way, and a good way to start looking for tattoo art works great if you start running the wrong way, ending at exposure levels laced many sites, the head will explode. If you start to run in this way the right will be rewarded with websites that somehow the effort to make in the best possible examples. It's that simple. Let me start by saying how "not" looking for cute girl tattoos.

You do not want to use Google. They can be absolutely horrible to introduce you to sites that are good for their works of art galleries. All of them mention a copy of a cat, such sites have a tendency to throw all the generic and all the junk they find in their database. Google may also have these pale because ton of art, but what's the point if every cute girl tattoos gallery is similar to the standard problems that many other women who live already in use? It 'scary to some. All of the general planning of the matter is this gallery is likely to be signed at least 500 women.

Since we cover unusual, let's talk about the "right" way to search for cute girl tattoos. The correct way is to try to use the forums. Great forum to receive accurate information. To put it mildly, the simple fact is that the absolute best way to raise a number of websites that have hidden wonderful pieces for your next tattoo. Large forums have a section of huge file and within these files are countless issues dedicated to topics related to tattooing.

Many advisors must have inside information as the places where other women have found truly great art. All you need is a little browsing at your side and you'll find galleries of tattoos for many people who have tattoos cute girl sensational, and not have to weed through 900 pages of generic drawings. Maybe it comes down.

There is a huge difference between the established quality tattoos cute girl to the same standard elements, which continues to be skating for almost 10 years.

Gloss Nail Design Mixture

If you have already dealt with the hands and feet, you may only need to use hand lotion before doing your nails. At least, wash your hands or feet and apply lotion. After applying moisturizer, take a towel and rub all over each nail. Use the towel with your hands. This will remove all oils from nails to nail art remains in place when you apply for it later. Later, the nails should be cut to the shape you want to nail designs. Generally, people follow the natural shape of the nails, if square, round or triangular. Nail file to shape and trim nails easily without removing too much of your nail.

Unclean on the Kindle

Some of you have asked when Unclean was coming out on the Kindle.

Well, it's now out.

Thanks to all of you who have read the book (or are planning to) and have passed on feedback, Tweeted/Facebooked the book, or posted online reviews.

It's always an honor to have people interact with your ideas. And, hopefully, to have those ideas impact the life of the church.

One additional note, in September at ACU's Summit I'll be doing a class on the subject of the book. The class is entitled "Unclean: The Psychology of Missional Failure."

Thursday, June 30, 2011, Ed Sessa

Theme: Hey, MICKEY, you're so fine. 52D.When spelled out, word that follows the beginnings of the starred answers in a memorable kids' show theme song: MOUSE.

20A. *13th in a literary series of 26: M IS FOR MALICE. Along with 42A. Author Grafton who wrote 20-Across: SUE.

29A. *Me.-to-Fla. route: I NINETY-FIVE. Interstate highway from Maine to Florida.

35A. *Benjamin: C-NOTE. It's all about the Benjamins. My daughter is getting sick of hearing me say "follow the money" whenever she asks me why someone did something.

39A. *Blue Light Specials store: K-MART. Now owned by Sears.

43A. *The Boss's backup: E STREET BAND. Bruce Springsteen.

53A. *All men have them: Y CHROMOSOMES.

Hi all, All here. Did anyone else get anything more complex for the theme? Seemed a bit simple for a Thursday. (Note from C.C.: Looks simple, but it's tough to find familiar phrases where the first word is an English letter, not to mention in equal length for symmetry.)


1. Nile reptile: CROC. In it's natural habitat.

5. Dance in Rio: SAMBA. Brazilian dance of African origin, Zemba, from Portugese samba, shortened form of zambacueca, a type of dance, probably altered (by influence of zamacueco "stupid") from zambapalo, the name of a grotesque dance, itself an alteration of zampapalo "stupid man," from zamparse "to bump, crash."

10. Net info sources: FAQS. Frequently Asked Questions.

14. Make over: REDO.

15. Dwindling Alaskan tribe: ALEUT.

16. It runs in Juarez: AGUA. Spanish water.

17. Copycat: APER.

18. Horn without keys: BUGLE.

19. Place to brood: COOP. Old English brod "brood, fetus, hatchling "that which is hatched by heat." The verbal figurative meaning ("to incubate in the mind") is from the notion of "nursing" one's anger, resentment, etc.

23. Glucose regulator: INSULIN. From Latin insula "island," so called because the hormone is secreted by the islets of Langerhans in the pancreas.

24. Winter phenomenon, commercially: SNO.

25. Diary of a sort: LOG.

28. Cultural org. since 1965: NEA. National Endowment for the Arts. PBS sponsor.

32. Actress Gardner: AVA. Husbands and lovers include Mickey Rooney, Howard Hughes, Artie Shaw and Frank Sinatra.

33. Party invite inits.: BYO. Bring Your Own beverage.

34. "So be it!": AMEN. From Hebrew for "truth".

38. "__ to him who believes in nothing": Hugo: WOE. From Les Mis�rables.

40. Bats: LOCO. Daft, nuts.

41. "Platoon" setting, briefly: NAM.

46. Basic resting spot: COT. Basic training.

49. "So that's it!": OHO.

50. Where kronor are spent: Abbr.: SWEeden.

51. Cooks quantity?: TOO MANY. Cooks spoil the broth. Many hands make the work light. Make up your mind...

55. Bunker smoother: RAKE. Golf sandtrap.

58. Give __: inspire: A LIFT.

59. Capable of: UP TO.

60. Cell impulse transmitter: AXON. Nerve ending.

61. Blakley of "Nashville": RONEE. Unknown to me.

62. Put in stitches: SEWN. Expecting something funny here.

63. "I Love Lucy" producer/writer Oppenheimer: JESS. If you say so.

64. Tipped at the casino: TOKED. Never been to Vegas, but makes sense, I guess.

65. Winged archer: EROS. Greek God of love, Roman counterpart: Cupid.


1. Fill snugly with: CRAM IN.

2. Complain: REPINE. Old English pine (pain, torture) with intensifier "re-", to cause pain.

3. Potemkin mutiny city: ODESSA. The Battleship Potemkin, a propaganda film. The Tsar's Cossacks in their white summer tunics march down the Odessa steps in a rhythmic, machine-like fashion firing volleys into a crowd.

4. Argonauts' island refuge: CORFU.

5. Kate's "Charlie's Angels" role: SABRINA. Charlie's Angels.

6. Some booster club members: ALUMNI. Latin alumnus "a pupil," literally "foster son", from a word meaning "to nourish".

7. Byte beginning: MEGA. Prefix meaning one million.

8. Dartboard area: BULLS-EYE.

9. Diminished slowly: ATE INTO.

10. Watch part: FACE. Band, dial, hand, stem, gear, lots of choices.

11. Back in time: AGO.

12. Status __: QUO. "The state in which", so existing state of affairs.

13. Deplete: SAP. "weaken or destroy insidiously," originally "dig a trench toward the enemy's position", from M.Fr. saper, from sappe "spade," from Latin sappa "spade". The sense of "weaken" on the notion of "draining the vital sap from."

21. Martini garnish: OLIVE.

22. Demure: COY. from Old French coi, earlier quei "quiet, still, placid, gentle," ultimately from Latin quietus "resting, at rest".

25. Andean bean: LIMA. Simmonds' "Dictionary of Trade" (1858) describes it as "esteemed," but it has the consistency of a diseased dog kidney.

26. Done: OVER.

27. Mannerly fellow: GENT.

30. Nuclear radiation weapon, for short: N-BOMB. The neutron bomb was supposed to kill people but leave buildings intact.

31. Popularity: FAME.

32. Comment end?: ATOR. Commentator

35. Mark's love: CLEOpatra.

36. Chips and dip, say: NOSH. From Yiddish nashn "nibble,"

37. Twice quadri-: OCTO.

38. Decisive downfall: WATERLOO.

39. Praise: KUDOS. Greek.

41. 1980s sitcom set in rural Vermont: NEWHART. Hi, I'm Larry. This is my brother Darryl and this is my other brother Darryl.

42. Acted snobbishly toward: SNOOTED.

44. PC key: ESC. I use it all the time with my favored Unix text editor. Really messes me up when I have to switch back to using Windows though.

45. Payment for cash?: ATM FEE. I remember when these were first being pushed to be accepted to lower your account fees because banks would save money not having to pay a teller for mundane tasks. They seem to have lost sight of that...

46. Boy scout, at times: CAMPER.

47. Fight combo: ONE TWO. Boxing. Give 'im the ol' one-two, along with 57D. Haymaker consequences: KOS. Knock-outs.

48. Boxer Mike et al.: TYSONS. Hmmm, I think one of those is enough...

53. Desires: YENS. Earlier yin "intense craving for opium", from Chinese (Cantonese) yan "craving," or from a Beijing dialect word for "smoke." Reinforced in English by influence of yearn.

54. Pen call: OINK.

55. British rule in India: RAJ. From Hindi raj "rule, kingdom" c.f. Rajah.

56. Bush whacker?: AXE. The spelling ax is better on every ground, of etymology, phonology, and analogy, than axe, which became prevalent during the 19th century; but it is now disused in Britain. [OED] (but then it wouldn't fit in a LAT crossword puzzle).


Notes from C.C.:

1) I'd like to share with you a baseball themed puzzle Don G made for my birthday. Click here for Across Lite file and here for PDF version. The clues are original & tough. When you're done, click here to see the layered gimmicks. I only got half of the tricks.

2) Here are a few cool pictures from Marti & Dudley's lunch meeting yesterday. Marti has more detailed captions on her photos. Unfortunately they don't show well in the pictures.

Salwar Kameez Designs

The concept of fashion design is improving day by day with the rapid pace of Pakistan and India. Designer dresses are becoming popular among girls Pakistanis, Indians and Indian. Salwar kameez and designer suits designs are the choice of people aware of the hot mode.

Pakistani salwar kameez and fashion designs are undoubtedly one of the best choices in the world. We chose the latest salwar kameez and new designs for our visitors to keep in touch with the world of fashion changes.

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Wedding Dresses UK

A vintage wedding dress can have a major impact on the wedding day, but must be covered by your policy of marriage. When choosing your wedding insurance is worth reviewing the details of your insurance document that different insurance providers offer different levels of coverage of the wedding of your dress.

Your wedding insurance will pay for loss or damage of the ceremony and bridal attire belongs, or hired by you or an immediate family before, during and after your wedding ceremony. This means that a vintage dress and a new dress would normally be covered.

Why vintage?

There are a lot of advantages in the selection of vintage clothing, because you can choose the style and period that suits your personality and your body. For example, in his thirties and forties dresses have a classic elegance, while a shorter style of the fifties dresses are fun to watch and set a relaxed tone of your big day.

Another advantage of buying a vintage dress is cost. Wedding dresses scars too expensive, in fact, the average amount of each bride United Kingdom spends on her dress

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Where I'm working

It's so lovely to sit in the sunny dining room (with Mink) and type away. Also, my chair is right next to the fridge, which can be handy but can also be fatal, depending on whether we purchased anything particularly yummy with our groceries.

I'm still embroiled in the first draft, which means that all my words are used up and blogging is tricky. Sometimes I feel like I have a quota of words that I can use each day and, if I'm working furiously, I run out. So LOML gets monosyllables when he gets home, my brain feels like a wrung-out sponge, and I struggle to remember words like 'marmalade.'

Perhaps Mink should start a blog.

That Girl Party Dress Was Suspended

Girls face suspension for wearing immodest

A girl from school is a punishment for wearing a costume "offensive" and indecent. According to reports, the incident took place at Oxford High School in Alabama. The school administration has taken punitive measures against students who violate the dress code.

He was 25 cases had used inappropriate clothing. The school administration has given them two options for punishment. Or face the three-day suspension from school, or face corporal punishment.

According to reports, Heather DeRamus and other students put on their favorite clothes do not know what is happening to them. Erica was very fond of wearing a dress that was purchased online. Dress was a cocktail dress with a skirt too short for a family style. He said he became emotional in her prom.

Oxford, Alabama High School has a zero tolerance policy in the dress to dance. Prom dress rules is that the body should not be used with a transparent dress. The skirt must be longer than four inches above the knee and neck should not be exposed.

The President is satisfied that the parent seems to have a high school and the need to send a message to the Community, which is correct. Erica was very depressed and said he was in 1940. His mother supported her daughter and denies accusations that it violated the dress code of the school.

White Wedding Dresses

Wedding dresses red and white, although many will say that white is the traditional color of wedding dress cultures eternal Chinese, Japanese and Indians are examples of regions in the world in which red is the color of the wedding more wedding ceremonies. China wedding dress in red robes and dresses to prove their traditions and faith in the power of that color.

Red is considered a strong test of the energy, luck and the balance of those who use it, but especially for the wedding. In India, red is the color used by most brides. Japan is a country where brides wear red and white to highlight the importance of this color, which is the joy of a new beginning in two.

Discussion between wedding dresses red and white will continue, but without success, in one way or another. The fact is that the two colors represent something very important, and no one can expect that in his opinion, belief and tradition are respected for all. At least as long as there are so many cultural traditions in this world and so many options and styles of wedding dresses.

Chinese Wedding Dress

Chinese wedding dress is the most important part of the wedding ceremony, Chinese prom dresses are the most important in a gala evening. Often, married six times for the exchange of wedding dresses. Nothing beats the excitement and grace of the Chinese red wedding dress in honor of. Some of the amateur couples, like a theme party held at integrating traditional marriage Asian silk. A wedding is a very important thing in your life, because this way of marriage, Eastern decided to show the importance of the whole party. Every bride should be careful to select bridal fashion China is the most comfortable, so it fell though at the time of their lives.

"And Here Comes the Frog!"

One of the better Improv Everywhere experiments. (H/T Daily Dish)

An old post of mine here on the theology of Improv Everywhere, flash mobs and fun in general

Wednesday, June 29, 2011 Jack McInturff

Theme: G-Rated (do they even make those kind of movies anymore??)  The first words of the theme entries could follow the letter "G", thusly:

17A. *Fit perfectly : SUIT TO A TEE. A "G-suit" (or more correctly, an anti-G suit) helps pilots who fly at high speeds to prevent blackouts by inflating air bladders around the legs, thus stopping blood from draining from the brain. Aren't you glad you don't need to know this?

23A. *Sexy beachwear : STRING BIKINI. And very closely related to "G-string", no? Now this is more in line with our DF group. But, my eyes are still hurting from some of the photos that came up when I looked for a link!!  (Just use your imagination here, guys!)

50A. *Behavior made automatic from frequent repetition : FORCE OF HABIT. "G-Force" is what a "G-Suit" is designed to overcome...

62A. *Superhero nickname : MAN OF STEEL.  A "G-Man" is slang for a government man, or FBI agent.

and the unifier:

39. "Gosh!" (or, based on the starts of starred answers, one who is expert at solving this puzzle's theme?) : GEE WHIZ. Hah! I must be a G-reat solver to figure this one out. 

Marti here to help you over the hump day...


1. Sea of __: Black Sea arm : AZOV. GEE WHIZ, don't you hate it when the first word of the puzzle is one you don't know?

5. Parisian pals : AMIS. Ah yes, we are back to yesterday's French lesson.

9. Light bite : NOSH. Yiddish nashn, from Middle High German naschen "to eat on the sly".

13. In-box note, perhaps : MEMO

14. Like candy near the register, maybe : MINTY. Wanted "impulse buy", but wouldn't fit.

16. Hostile to : ANTI

19. Veggie that may be black : BEAN

20. Bone: Pref. : OSTEO

21. Golda of Israel : MEIR.  She was known as the "Iron Lady" years before Margaret Thatcher was labeled with that nickname.

22. "The Wizard __": comic strip : OF ID. Irreverent, often insightful humor by Parker and Hart.

26. White Sox star who played in five decades (1949-1980) : MINOSO. Oh no, not baseball! And more than thirty years ago?

29. Shortly : ANON. Also, what some bloggers are called.

30. Graceland middle name : ARON. Ah yes, interesting story about ARON - Aaron. But we all know that already, don't we?

31. "A horse is a horse" horse : MR ED. From 60's TV comedy.

35. Partner of each : EVERY

38. Seaman's "Help!" : SOS

41. __ volente: God willing : DEO

42. Prepare to be knighted : KNEEL.  Great visual from "Le Morte D'Arthur".

44. Composer Bart�k : BELA. Along with Liszt, considered Hungary's greatest composer, and well-known for his "Night music" style, wherein he imitated the sounds of nature at night in his compositions.  Like this.

45. German coal region : SAAR. Mosel-Saar-Ruhr is also one of the leading wine regions of Germany.  Really, coal??

46. Once again : ANEW

48. Literary alter ego : MR HYDE. "Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde", by Robert Louis Stevenson.

55. Buck suffix : AROO. I guess "kang" wouldn't be a great clue, huh?

56. Way to go : ROAD

57. Rosary units : BEADS

61. Unfocused photo, e.g. : BLUR. Or, crossword clues when blogging at midnight...

64. Single : LONE. Hands up for "stag"?

65. Hill on Vail : SLOPE. Vail, Colorado. And they are usually slippery!

66. Gal who gets what she wants : LOLA.  Barry Manilow, anyone?

67. Loose things to tie up : ENDS. Or strings on a bikini...

68. Location : SITE

69. Barbershop sound : SNIP. Huh. "Harmony" doesn't fit.


1. Schoolyard retort : AM SO. Can we quit this schoolyard argument, already??

2. Olympian bigwig : ZEUS

3. Cut out : OMIT

4. Decides via ballot : VOTES ON

5. Latin lover's word : AMO. Love my Latin! (Or, is it "my Latin lover"...)

6. Home of the Heat : MIAMI. Basketball. Will they settle before their potential lockout on Thursday?

7. One __: unlikely chance : IN TEN. If it were the lotto, more like one in one in 593,775, according to my calculations.

8. "Shrek!" author William : STEIG. Unknown.

9. "Lolita" author : NABOKOV. Known.

10. Clooney/Pfeiffer comedy : ONE FINE DAY. Got meh reviews.

11. Washday challenge : STAIN. No, my washday challenge is just getting all the stuff from the bedroom down to the basement laundry room.

12. Delhi language : HINDI

15. __ Buena, town that became San Francisco : YERBA. Total WAG.

18. Little tykes : TOTS

24. "City of Seven Hills" : ROME. Nailed it. Been there, seen them.

25. Don Juan's mother : INEZ. In Lord Byron's poem, Don Juan is not a womanizer, but one who is easily seduced by women.

26. Halloween cover-up : MASK

27. Press : IRON. Who thought of gym, and "pump"?

28. Act like a snoop : NOSE AROUND. Fun clue, great fill!

32. Confederate : REB

33. Lady in the flock : EWE. Hah, didn't fool me. I knewe it wasn't you!

34. UPS rival : DHL

36. Enjoy the library : READ. Well, I think most of us here enjoy reading. But, between the Nook, Kindle, iBooks etc., are we in danger of losing this sacrosanct institution of our youth? 

37. Time past : YORE. As in, "yore late"?

39. Elated feeling : GLEE. Or, a wildly popular (with "Gleeks", anyway) TV show.

40. Foot in a poem : IAMB. I amb what I amb...or, the "beat" to a poem. Like ka-BOOM,  where the accent is stressed on the second syllable. Thus, iambic dimeter (two iambic "feet", or measures) would sound like:
the WAY / a CROW
shook DOWN / on ME...
I'll leave the rest to CA.

43. Extras for a cheering crowd : ENCORES. Loved this clue/answer!

45. Former Jewish settlements : SHTETLS. Hated this clue/answer!

47. Squirmy bait : WORMS. eeewwwww....

49. Barbecue fare : RIBS. OK, now you're talkin' DH's language!

50. Aesop work : FABLE

51. Sweater synthetic : ORLON. I never know if it's going to be nylon, rayon, or orlon! So, let's move...ON

52. Stable newborns : FOALS

53. Vietnam's capital : HANOI. Map, for anyone who wasn't around in the 50's-60's-70's.

54. Take as one's own : ADOPT

58. Long, long time : AEON. Ages, anyone?

59. Bagels and lox seller : DELI. Mmmm...I could go for some right now.  Maybe I'll ask the guys in the SHTETL if they want some, too...

60. Blow with a palm : SLAP. V8 can on this one when it finally emerged. Or, a slap upside my head.

63. ATM charge : FEE. No charge for this blog. But you can contribute to my amusement fund by using PayPal at
Thanks for letting me share this one with all y'all!


Notes from C.C.

1) Here are two lovely pictures of MJ's grandson Drake. She said "These photos of Drake are very telling about why I am not posting daily on the blog, although I still read the blog most mornings, and  very much appreciate all those who parse the daily LAT puzzles for your site." Here is her family picture we showed last August when Drake was 5-month old.

As some of you are aware, our local paper doesn't carry LAT crossword,  so MJ mailed me the precious first one Don and I collaborated, the whole LA Times Calendar section carefully padded between stiff boards. And  a few more later. Thanks, MJ.

2) Happy Birthday to Barry G!

Bra Accessory Tips

Bra simple accessories can make a big difference in the number of belts to slip or standing under clothing. To pull the straps together in back, put a belt buckle unhappy "on the back. It allows tanks or other sleeveless tops, straps hidden. And you can choose to clear the belt webbing less visible bra beneath of clothing or naked pure.

silicone filled pads offer more

Looking for a ride? Then filled with silicone cushions can be just the thing for you that "Oomph!" Extras Worn underwire bra, silicone-filled pads to form the breast tissue, making them completely and naturally raised. silicone cushions can be purchased separately and added to the bra, or may become part of the bra. Platform silicone bra accessories bring a touch of sensuality and excitement to any outfit.

Be bold - go braless breast petals

Some women have the opportunity to go braless clothes. However, the thinner the fabric, the nipples can sometimes show through. petals naked breasts can help relieve this problem. Worn with or without a bra, breast petals, and all accessories - casual and chic. They provide cover for the nipple braless, and then for fun and without fear.

Non-adhesive bra for everyday use

Adhesive Bras are another low profile for a strapless bra. A bra is the accessory self adhesive bra, perfect when you need the support of a bra to wear one. A bra is an adhesive strapless bra. But instead of a band to keep up throat, adhesive strips or pads to your body. It's not a bra accessories designed for everyday use. For special occasions, is more an ideal figures show your bra straps adhesive can be displayed.

Extender help bra and takes just a little '' more

Sometimes you find that you have a bra that is ideal for couples, but at home around the band area. accessories that can relieve some of the evils that bra is a bra extender. Buy a bra extender is a good idea if you have a bra should be replaced or if the format has changed, but have not yet had the time or resources to do so.

Bra Extenders Bra helps to last longer

You may have a favorite bra, to make, but not as good as it did when it was purchased. It can be a perfect fit in the cup, but it feels tight around the band. A pinch of accessories that can alleviate some of this malaise is a bra extension.

Extending a bra is a great idea, if you have a bra should be replaced, but you get a chance, because the time or money. This bra accessories will help extend the existing collection, as long as you can buy a replacement.

Bra Extender? For more Bras

You may have a favorite bra that you love to use, but it is not as good as it did when it was purchased. It can be a perfect fit for the cups, but it feels like a tight band around. Bra accessory that can alleviate pain is a follow-up bra.

Bra Extender is a good idea if you have a bra to be replaced, but I have not had the time or finances. This bra accessories bra collection extend to the first, you can buy a replacement.

One Hanes Place Tip: Bra makes you continue to use the flexibility of the throat that you are not ready to throw, but they are too restrictive. This accessory keeps your bra and add about three inches for comfort. Immigrants Bra, two, three and four models of a hook and a flexible support, providing comfort to the skin. Bra Extender is also perfect for pregnant women about their bust size changes frequently.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tattoo Girls Fashion

Tattoo girls have opted for large tattoos designs "of hearts the new school ', stars, roses and tribal tattoos. Then there are the angels, cross, butterflies, fairies, flowers, henna and numerous Christian symbols that are used as tattoo images . Lot, the cross is the most famous tattoo

There are girls who prefer to get the zodiac symbols and celestial bodies like the sun or the moon as their tattoos.

In addition, different symbols are lucky people of different cultures, which are used in tattoos. Of course, as always, the most popular girl tattoo is to engrave the name of their benefactor body.Basically or girlfriend, girls tend to turn to delicate and minimalist tattoos for their bodies. However, more recently have begun to choose a tattoo design larger and more aggressive with more experimental female tattoos popular every day.

DIY LBD #2 - Gucci Inspired Tassel & Rope Dress

A couple of days ago I posted a few inspiration images for the second in the DIY Little Black Dress series (see here). I fell in love with the black tasseled dresses at the Gucci SS11 show, and so this is my LBD inspired by those oh-so-glamourous styles. I went for a much more subtle style than the original inspiration as you can see.
There are two parts to this DIY - the making of the basic capsule of the dress, then the addition of rope and tassels. You'll need a big thrifted black dress and some rope and tassels.
For the Capsule
1. I turned the sack dress inside out, and overlayed a bodycon dress to get the correct shape - then I pinned it where I wanted to take it in.
2. I cut the sleeves off and the hem of the dress quite short.
3. I took the dress in using the sewing machine and also sewed up the hem.
4. I cut the neckline off completely so I had a tube top style with a kind of cut off triangle neckline. Below is the finished capsule of the dress.
I then pinned and hand sewed 40 tassels on each side of the dress, layering them up for a block effect.
I hot glued two strips of rope together and then sewed them onto the neckline - attaching at the back as straps.
I must say that this was quite an involved DIY and took me a little bit of time - you could always add tassels and rope straps to a black tube dress or singlet for a more simple project.
(try not to laugh too hard at my lame pose in these pics - these were the only photos of like 10 that were taken that were passable).
Happy DIYing!

The Ethic of Death: Reflections on the Policies and Procedures Manual

This post is a spin off reflection from my Tales of the Demonic post.

In that post I described how bureaucratic systems tend to dehumanize us. To illustrate this point I used the example of a student on my campus caught up in a inter-office bureaucratic snarl:
I think of that student caught up in the bureaucratic nightmare on my campus. Most of us can identify with her plight, being shuttled from office to office from bureaucrat to bureaucrat with no one being able to help. Each person you face is very nice and would like to help, but policies and procedures have everyone's hands tied. The tragedy of the student is that those policies and procedures come to define the student's relationship with the University. She finds herself up against a "system" that doesn't seem to care. True, the people in the system care. They would love to help. But they don't have the "power" to help. The system has tied their hands.
As I pondered this example some more a very reasonable objection came to mind. It sounded like this:
Okay, fine, bureaucracies are inefficient and people can fall through the cracks of the system. But what is your suggested alternative? To just give the keys away? If policies and procedures didn't exist the school couldn't function. We'd go out of business and have to shut the doors.
That's a very good point. And it's an observation that not only holds for my institution but for just about every other institution that has a policies and procedures manual. There is a close association between those policies and procedures and the survival of the institution.

This link between the policies and procedures manual and the survival of the institution made me recall William Stringfellow's analysis about the relationship between Death and the principalities and powers. According to Stringfellow, Death sits behind all the powers on earth:
…history discloses that the actual meaning of such human idolatry of nations, institutions, or other principalities is death. Death is the only moral significance that a principality proffers human beings. That is to say, whatever intrinsic moral power is embodied in a principality—for a great corporation, profit, for example; or for a nation, hegemony; or for an ideology, conformity—that is sooner or later suspended by the greater moral power of death. Corporations die. Nations die. Ideologies die. Death survives them all. Death is—apart from God—the greatest moral power in this world, outlasting and subduing all other powers no matter how marvelous they may seem for the time being. This means, theologically speaking, that the object of allegiance and servitude, the real idol secreted within all idolatries, the power above all principalities and powers—the idol of all idols—is death.
Now that may seem to be a bit of a stretch, that Death is the power behind, say, America or your church or your place of business. But Stringfellow's analysis seems to be confirmed when we pause to consider the guiding force behind every power: Survival. As Stringfellow notes:
Survival of the institution is the operative ethic of all institutions, in their fallenness.
What this means is that, as a servant of the institution, I should do my part to help the institution compete, survive and thrive. This means that, at the end of the day, my efforts are in the service of Death. Death (or, rather, Death's avoidance) is the motive force behind all institutions. Oh, no one ever really says it that crudely, but every institution has a metric of death that it monitors: head counts, attendance, membership, money, sales, market share, web hits, etc. And when this metric starts to flat-line the institution will go into a "death throe," doing whatever it can to survive. In this instance, the ethic governing the institution is revealed to be Darwinian in nature, survival is the highest good. And if you doubt this you've never been a part of an institution that, struggling to survive, has cut people loose. When it comes down to you or the institution the institution will always choose itself.

And this brings me back to the policies and procedures manual. Yes, it is true that if we don't follow the policy and procedure manual the institution can't function, can't survive. And that's sort of my point. Death is the ethic governing the policy and procedure manual.

I think of it this way: the policy and procedure manual is the immune system of the institution. It is the system that identifies "viruses" that might put its life at risk. And like the immune system, the policy and procedure manual has defenses it deploys to destroy these contagions. Oversight. Accountability. Sanctions. Evaluations. Reprimands. Termination. What's it all for? To help the institution survive.

So what am I saying? That institutions are bad? No. I'm only saying that institutions are powers that require service. More, these institutions provide us with routes to self-esteem and significance. They give us money and hand us labels like "successful." These rewards feel good, making us want to serve all the more.

And that's not necessarily a bad thing. The mission statement of your institution might actually be very inspirational. But we need to be clear: Death is the mission statement behind all mission statements. The real mission of the institution is to survive.

In short, it's not that institutions are bad. It's just that they are idols. They are false gods. They seem to offer us the promise of significance and meaning in life. But behind the shiny surface of corporate headquarters and the inspirational mission statement Christians know what sits behind it all: Death. As Stringfellow notes:
Death, after all, is no abstract idea, nor merely a destination in time, nor just an occasional happening, nor only a reality for human beings, but, both biblically and empirically, death names a moral power claiming sovereignty over all people and all things in history. Apart from God, death is a living power greater--because death survives them all--than any other moral power in this world of whatever sort: human beings, nations, corporations, cultures, wealth, knowledge, fame or memory, language, the arts, race, religion.
Does that mean I'm telling you to quit? To sabotage your workplace? No. I'm talking about idolatry and serving two masters. I'm just saying this: Pay attention to the ethic at work in the world. Pay attention to who you are really serving. Pay attention to where you are getting your self-esteem.

Discern the spirits.

Even the spirit of the policy and procedure manual.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011 Victor Fleming and Nancy Salomon

Theme: Dyslexic Endings - Four French phrases and a GB QB that end in VRE but are commonly pronounced RVE.

17A. Delight in living : JOIE DE VIVRE. Joy of Living

24A. Paris site of objets d'art : MUS�E DU LOUVRE. Palace of the Louvre

48A. Peppercorn-coated beef entr�e : STEAK AU POIVRE. Steak with Pepper 

56A. Shrimp cocktail, e.g. : HORS D'OEUVRE. Apart from the Main Work

22A. With 50-Across, quarterback who started a record 297 consecutive games : BRETT and 50A. See 22-Across : FAVRE. Quarterback for Green Bay Packers (1992�2007)

Argyle here. That's my take on the theme; if you have a better idea, let's hear it. My French isn't all that good anyway. Couple of clunkers in the fill but overall, pretty good Tuesday.


1. Sounds of laughter : HAHAs

6. Show off, as one's stuff : STRUT

11. Leaky tire sound : SSS

14. Change with the times : ADAPT

15. West Indian sorcery : OBEAH. A search reveals we have had this word four times before, never on a Tuesday though.

16. Back muscle, for short : LAT. Latissimus Dorsi, usually referred to as LATS.

19. Stretch to remember : ERA

20. Aruba et al.: Abbr. : ISLs.. Clunk!

21. Wine-and-cassis ap�ritif : KIR. A French drink, how apropos.

28. Not for : AGAINST

30. Fading star : HAS-BEEN

31. __-Novo: Benin's capital : PORTO. I wish I could find this kind of map every time. The official language of Benin is French.

32. Peter Rabbit sibling : MOPSY. His sisters are Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cotton-tail in the children's story by Beatrix Potter.

33. Play (with) : TOY

34. Slate-backing strips : LATHS. Clunk. Lath and plaster, yes.

36. Word with cozy or bag : TEA

39. Apple models : iMACs

41. They may be blown in games : LEADS

43. Hoops shot that misses everything : AIR BALL

46. Hatch, as a scheme : THINK UP

51. The whole shebang : ALL

52. Pre-splat cry : "OOPS!"

55. Saloon order : ALE. Never saw a western where they ordered an ale.

60. Knight's title : SIR

61. Justice Samuel : ALITO. N.Y.Times Magazine article. I'll have to read it later myself.

62. Speedy base runner's strategy : STEAL

63. Thing to run at a bar : TAB

64. Red Sea republic : YEMEN

65. Prefix with frost : PERMA. Frost that never leaves the ground, although the top thaws out for summer. We are probably losing perma-frost to global warming, too.


1. Pilgrim to Mecca : HAJI. Add another J if you want.

2. Bustles : ADOs

3. Desperation gridiron pass : HAIL MARY. Favre threw a few.

4. Jungle film costume : APE SUIT

5. CST part: Abbr. : STD. Central Standard Time.

6. Like old Russian states : SOVIET

7. Ford in a Beach Boys hit : T-BIRD. Sure, some more Fun, Fun, Fun.(2:21)

8. Give gas to : REV. Rev up that T-Bird.

9. Former Egypt-Syr. alliance : UAR. United Arab Republic.

10. Springsteen, to fans : THE BOSS

11. Place for an ace? : SLEEVE

12. "No Exit" dramatist : SARTRE. "No Exit" is a 1944 existentialist French play by Jean-Paul Sartre.

13. __ Island Ferry : STATEN. New York.

18. __ out: barely gets : EKEs

23. Red gemstone : RUBY

25. __-Cat: winter vehicle : SNO

26. "This could be a problem" : "UH-OH"

27. Swimmer's reps : LAPS

28. On target : APT

29. Bit of baby babble : GOO

32. The Rockies, e.g.: Abbr. : MTs.. I'm surprised they didn't use the Alps.

34. In __ land: loopy : LA LA. La is also a French article, mais oui.

35. First Amdt. defender : ACLU. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

36. Corporate acquisition : TAKEOVER

37. School URL ending : .EDU

38. Fanged serpent : ASP

39. Building beam : I-BAR

40. What some do while the sun shines? : MAKE HAY. Keeping busy, windhover?

41. Ullmann of "Autumn Sonata" : LIV. Image.

42. On the way : EN ROUTE

43. Equally speedy : AS FAST

44. Roma's land : ITALIA. Next to France.

45. Echoic effect : REVERB

46. Snitched about : TOLD ON

47. Port of Hawaii : HILO. Map.

49. Second of a word-processing pair : PASTE. I live by "cut and paste".

53. English carriage : PRAM

54. Ward of "CSI: NY" : SELA

57. Cheer for a toreador : �OL�!

58. Perimeter : RIM

59. Clairvoyance, briefly : ESP

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