Monday, August 31, 2009

3D Arm Cross Tattoo

Home again, home again, jiggety-jog

Home! It is so nice to be back. I am feeling a bit confused time-wise, and a bit sleep-walker-like, but am mostly intact. My brain is porridge, however, so I will make only a few observations today.

1) We went to Venice Beach and Santa Monica yesterday, which was lovely. I spilled a bit of cream on my silk trousers, though, which was less lovely. Anyone know how to get stains out of silk? Or do I have to bite the bullet and take the garment to the drycleaner's? (I do, don't I? Darn). LOML bought me a new skirt to replace the stained trousers, though, so I didn't have to wear them for the long plane journey. This brought the lovely back again.
2) There was a long queue for the toilets on the plane last night. One cubicle in particular was busy for a full half-hour. When the occupant eventually emerged, he revealed himself to be a young, sweaty man clasping two copies of Playboy. This was rather revolting. I am adding it to my mental list of 'disgusting things I saw on this trip' which includes a woman shaving her armpits into a bathroom sink (pub, Northern Ireland) and a man clipping his horrid yellow nails on a cafe table (Barnes & Noble, Fashion Island, US).
3) The very first thing we did this morning was pick up Mink from the cattery. He was thrilled to come home, and has spent the day wandering around the house and garden making sure that no one has dared to move anything. He comes back inside every half-hour or so to give us a cuddle and follow us around talking loudly in catspeak.

Normal service will resume tomorrow!

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Scorpion Tattoo 3D

Look That Tattoo 3D nice, Scorpion In Arm Tattoo.
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Edit Tattoo Hot Girl With Photoshop

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Coll 3D ArmTattoo

Nice Coll 3D arm Tattoo...
Relief in arm, Look That. exotic

Laguna Beach!

Sorry for the absence, everyone! After the 11-hour flight from London (which felt like nothing after the 36-hour trip from New Zealand, and which I spent watching Benny and Joon twice), I've been relaxing in Laguna Beach for the past few days. Our hotel is right on the beach, and we've been having breakfast on the terrace every morning, overlooking the breaking waves.

I spent Thursday and Friday relaxing on the beach, reading and developing a mild addiction to iced tea and mocha frappuccinos while LOML was working. I also got sunburned. I fell asleep in the shade, and woke up to find that it was no longer the shade and that I had turned a delicate shade of puce. Sunburn is rather like a hangover: no one has much sympathy, because it is avoidable and self-inflicted. But it's sore!

Today we drove out to Huntington Beach and Newport Beach ...

... and this afternoon we visited Fashion Island. Oh my goodness. Betsey Johnson and Kate Spade. So many polka-dots, so much tulle; heavenly. I was hoping that a game show host with too many teeth would appear and offer me a giant wad of cash, but no luck. We also went to the pet store, where there was a disproportionate amount of tiny and expensive dogs. Very cute, though. The shop assistant asked us if we were looking for a dog. We said that we would love one, but that we live in New Zealand.
"They have planes for animals, you know," she said.
Oh well then, it's a completely practical idea.

We're relaxing in the hotel room for a bit, and then we'll head out in search of dinner. And tomorrow night we leave for New Zealand! I'm really looking forward to getting home again - seeing friends and family, getting stuck into work and a routine again and, most importantly, picking up Mink! I've missed him so much.

Cool 3D Arm Muscle Tattoo

3D Tattoo Skin Pain Amazing

Did you feel like a real picture. Yes that's what I felt, when I saw this picture. amazingly, the skin looks like a cut. 3D Tattoo Skin Pain Amazing

Friday, August 28, 2009

Download Tattoo Tribal Design

There are various kinds of tribal designs can be downloaded. From Tribal abstract,Sexi,Natural to animal models.
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A Simple Little Star Tattoo

Simple but interesting tattoo, a small star in the heavens high. Quite a lot of decorating the his body.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lizard 3D Tattoo in Arm

This 3D lizard tattoo, such as being embedded in concrete walls. lizard crawling on her arm. exotic, natural and elegant

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back Skull Tattoo

Artistic tattoo picture, The back of the skull looks 3 dimensional. The framework of the skull, look fantastic, fit and blend with the back.

Back Tattoo A Model A7X

Ava Nicole Berry- sister to matt and jason berry who work for a7x, works as an undercover cop and a model.

Tattoos: just the ones on her back

Animal Tatto Brushes

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Spiderman Extreme Tatto

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A bracing post (see what I did there?)

Since we're nearly at the end of our holiday, I thought I would post a few of the photos that LOML took on our journey.


Northern Ireland (there aren't any from London because that was a bit of a blur):

See you in L.A.!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Boat trip!

These shorts were purchased yesterday in honour of the trip - I searched for a high-waisted pair, but had no luck. Admittedly, I was only looking in charity shops, and my budget was £2. Anyway, I loved the detail of this pink gingham pair, so they had their maiden voyage today.

LOML and I took turns steering (watched closely, of course). We pottered down the Avon River and out to sea, wandered around for a bit, and then came back. As you can see, LOML borrowed a snazzy hat from my grandfather ...

Just two days left! I'm so glad we're staying in the States for a few days before flying back to New Zealand - it makes the flight far less daunting.

Friday, August 21, 2009

On the beach

21 August 09
My beautiful grandmother and I went for a long walk along the seafront this morning, to a neighbouring town. It's a place popular with holidaymakers (or 'grockles', as my great-grandmother calls them. I'm not sure of the spelling - or if there is an official spelling - so please tell me if you know!).
My beautiful grandmother
Beach huts
I love beach huts. They remind me of the Wendy-house I had when I was little - everything in miniature, right down to the little hob for the kettle! There is something quintessentially English about sheltering from the sand-speckled wind in your beach hut, drinking a cup of tea and eating a ginger biscuit (which you dunk in your tea, of course).

I can't believe we only have another four days here before we fly to L.A. It has gone past so quickly. I am already starting to miss everyone, even though I haven't left yet, and everything feels remembered and nostalgic even as it is happening - as if I'm looking back on it all from somwhere far in the future. It's awful living so far away from family, especially as they are all getting older.

P.S. A couple of you have asked how long I'm in the L.A. area. Only for four days! We're actually staying in Laguna Beach, not Newport Beach (which was the original plan).

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Great craic!

LOML and I have been spending a lazy couple of days here in England - mostly napping! I think our travels have caught up with us a little bit; we seem to be sleeping all the time. LOML is off to London today for a week of work, meeting clients around the UK and over in France. I'll be staying here while he's away, spending time with my family and catching up on some work. My agent is expecting the new manuscript in October, so I need to get that finished fairly soon.

We've downloaded some of the photos of us from the wedding in Northern Ireland last week. LOML's grandfather runs a bar, and we had a pre-wedding party there on the Monday night. The regulars were quite disconcerted to see such a big crowd, I think - particularly such a large crowd of women! So few women venture into the bar that there isn't even a ladies's toilet - only a gents'. There is an outhouse, though, if you're prepared to brave the darkness and spiders.

LOML's grandfather is 94, and still going strong. He stores all his favourite jokes on bits of paper in a jar behind the bar - some of them date back to the Second World War - and brings them out to show visitors. He was happy to show LOML the whole lot, but had to censor a few for me. He doesn't want to put ideas in my head, he says.
Pre-wedding party
We met some great people there - mostly friends of the couple's from university or work.

The wedding was on Tuesday afternoon. I had left my original wedding outfit back in New Zealand (silly me), and so bought this dress from Monsoon the week before. I do love it, though. As you can see, I'm standing in one of the two upstairs sitting rooms in LOML's family home - it used to be a hotel, and so has a labyrinthine series of bedrooms, bathrooms and sitting rooms. It's an amazing house, really, old and rambling. Out the back are lofts, barns and stables; we found a box of books in one of the lofts that dated back to 1804.
Wedding outfit
This is Charlotte, my second cousin and new best friend.
Me and my new best friend
We walked from the house to the church where the ceremony was conducted, then headed off to a local hotel for the reception.
Castledawson High Street
LOML's alibi
Pre-dinner drinks
It was a really beautiful day. After the dinner and speeches, the tables were pushed back, and the next several hours were spent dancing - both modern and traditional Irish dances. The party didn't end there, however: the following day, one of LOML's uncles roasted a whole lamb on a spit out in the yard, and about forty people came over for a barbecue. I spent most of the day sitting on a chair watching it cook, sipping Pimm's and reading a book. My hair still smells of woodsmoke, but it was totally worth it.
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