Friday, April 30, 2010

Cut off Denim Shorts

Are where its at.
Images: tfs/?

Zara over the knee boots

Even though it is getting into Spring, it hasn't really started to feel like it yet. I guess that's the reason I have been obsessing over last seasons Zara over the knee/thigh high boots. A bit late of me I know. I've been scouring the internet like a mad woman trying to find some to buy. Gorgeous suede leather and very tight fitting with a low stilleto heel, very delicate looking.

Not loving the super high platform ones that are around - like the topshop ones - think they are a bit serious and not for everyday wear. Also not a fan of ones that aren't really well fitted around the thigh, a bit pretty woman for me. If I can find the Zara ones I am sure I will wear them - even in summer (a depressing thought!) Natalie from Canned Fashion wears them perfectly.
Images: Zara/Phosphene fashion

Sping Scalloping

Obsessed with scalloping at the moment, thinking about doing a bit of a DIY with some pants I have - making some scalloped shorts. Would probably involve shortening the pants and creating a scalloped hem. Queens wardrobe are doing am amazing job of copying Chloe's best pieces.

Images: tfs/phosphere fashion/queen's wardrobe.

DIY Flower Headbands...

The Cherry Blossom Girl has a great flower crown DIY. So Easy! Although When I make mine it will be a little sparser - like Lousie’s from Miss Pandora. Something to add to the DIY List.

Image Source: Cherry Blossom Girl/ Miss Pandora / Harper and Harley

Time to do some bike restoration...

Going to give my bike a bit of love this weekend
Image source: pony_tail’s flickr

YSL Arty Rings

Rings have neever been a big thing for me but love these ones.

London Tweed Ride!

Was relaxing in Hyde Park a couple of weeks ago and stumbled upon the London Tweed Ride - a bike ride where everyone gets dressed up in their best tweed (for the men) and betty draper dresses (for the women). Definitely getting organised for the next one. Love the oldschool travelling cocktail van too!

Go to the Tweed Run website to sign up for the next one, but places are limited!

DIY - Bringing the outside in....

Its not warm enough to open the windows yet… but have started trying to bring the outside in.
  Image source: Pony_tail's Flickr

Tan Vintage Bag - Instead of the Alexa...

Image source: Golestaneh

Potted Rose Bush

Something cute for the house… although I do seem to have a knack for killing everything of the plant variety as soon as it comes into the house.
 Image: Canned Fashion

Boots for Spring

Slightly cowboy looking boots for spring with a low heel. Sign me up. Isabel Marant have a pair that I love.

 Images: Le fashion / Just Jared

Silky Rompers

Was in London Fields on the weekend (the park fills up on a sunny day with ‘cool kids’ from all over hackney, spotted more than one fashion victim) and noticed that the rays had brought out people’s high summer gear. Cute silky rompers were romping all over the joint - worn with spotted tights for when the sun goes down and its 2 degrees.
Images: Alexa at Coachella via Tfs/ Elle Streetchic

Denim Shirts

Denim shirts are everywherrrrre. Couldnt find one I liked enough so bought a faded bue mens shirt and made a dress out of it. Will post DIY steps shortly. May wear it with my khaki jacket soon.
Images: Le fashion/ Garance / Style copycat

Spring Pallette

Image source: Ponytail flickr

Miroslava Duma

Singlets that show just the right amount of chest…. where can I find ones similar?

Image source: Garance Dore / Vanessa Jackman

DIY Photo Loveheart

Weekend project… as soon as I get some photos printed!
 Image: Sweet Homestyle

Christina Centenera: Simple and Sexy

Best pallette around.

Image:Stockholme Street Style/ Jack and Jil / Vanessa Jackman /Stockholme Street Style / ? / Facehunter/ ?

(As you can see I am a bit confused about where I got some of these images from - if they are yours or you know where they are from please let me know!x)

Alexander Wang Inspired Sunglasses

Great tip from Luxirare on Alexander Wang style sunglasses on ebay, snapped them up immediately and have already got tonnes of wear out of them. I know Forever21 have done a similar pair in the states.

There is another pair from the same seller which I love, round ones that flip up - a la lady gaga, when flipped up look a bit mickey mouse. Although I think the large round frames need to be tried on the be believed...

Images: In touch With Style on ebay

Jersey Grey Marl Track Pants - Christine Centenera

At first I wasn’t interested at all, but have recently come around to the tailored track pants look. With some cute multi buckle wedges, sheer t-shirt and leather jacket they may be on the cards! Fell even more in love with the look after I saw Christine Centenera rocking them in her usual impeccable style at Paris Fashion week.

May go and try on the ones at Topshop and the cute more tailored ones at Uniqlo. The Uniqlo ones may be best… the less they look like running pants the better.
Natalie of canned Fashion has styled hers up two different ways, here and here. Cute!

Mulberry Alexa Bag - To fake, or too fake?

Have been obsessing over the Mulberry Alexas for a while now…  but for 795 quid, they dont exactly sit within my budget.
Last week found a great copy of the bag on Queens Wardrobe. But am wondering if you can’t afford the real thing, should you get a fake? And is this IT bag going to peak soon with all the fakes around (you can find another copy here at topshop) and make it a poor investment?

Must say that the Queens Wardrobe also have a fantastic selection of replica bags - just different enough to get them through customs from China but pretty much the same. Including Balenciaga bags (another good example of a great bag that climaxed when the fakes arrived) and the Alexander Wang Rocco Bag.
The photo below is of the ‘Alexa’ bag at Queens Wardrobe, got a bit pixelated but you get the picture, at around 150 quid (with the added cost of worrying whether it will get through customs…) is it worth it?
UPDATE: Bag has either sold out or has been removed from Queens Wardrobe. Dammit!

 Image source: Queen's Wardrobe

DIY - Leather Scale Dress by Outsapop Trashion

I am obsessed with anything DIY. I have to admit to spending a signficant amount of time daydreaming about all the things I am going to make out of nothing, and all the nothings I own being turned into somethings under my DIY prowess. In reality good DIY’s require a whole lot more time and patience than I can usually muster. The flat is cluttered with piles of cast offs that are not allowed to be thrown out, due to their importance in potential future DIYs, but wil probably never make it any further than the corner of the lounge room.

I have a serious amount of respect for those people who are able to stick to a DIY an make it work.

I regularly check Outsapop Trashion for new DIY ideas, such as this one. Amazing fish scale dress made out of thrifted leather! Simply cut out circles glued on top of each other with textile glue. Amazing. Am adding this to my future DIY list.
  Image source: Outsapop Trashion

DIY Six Six Sick '3D Flower Skirt

Ever since I saw the DIY Flower Skirt on Six Six Sick’s blog a year or so back, I have been obsessed with trying it for myself. It involves covering a skirt in a huge number of silk/plastic flowers that have been dipped in acrylic or resin paint. So Amazing! I think I will give it a go this weekend… Homebase here I come - with a looonnnng list! Although I think a black skirt with black laquered flowers would be more versatile.
Image Source: Six Six Sick

Ideas for summer festivals... Glastonbury etc

Looking forward to summer festivals soo much, and love to wear something just a little bit different…. busy thinking up new ideas! Although I must acknowledge the fact that the festivals I will be going to ie Glastonbury will most probably turn into a mud bath where lovely costumes will be pointless… Oh and I guess masks make it a bit hard to see the bands on stage so this has to be taken into account too...

Nude Blue

Have been thinking about summer colour palettes, love the one below. Would be great to have a massive day of organising my wardrobe into palettes, has anyone done this or is it perhaps a bit too anal?

Worry also that most of the things I wear are black, that would be a very interesting palette indeed, ‘who died?’ comes to mind.

Can't remember where I got this image... please let me know if this is yours...

Chloe Shorts and the Queens Wardrobe

Love the The Cherry Blossom Girl’s lovely beige shorts, very Chloe! The sun has come out in London and seeing beautiful pink blossoms everywhere. The shorts are from the Queen’s Wardrobe. They have some lovely stuff.

Image Source: The Cherry Blossom Girl

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Austin: Day Five

I was lucky enough to meet up with the beautiful Amelia of Vintage Vivant today. Amelia was so kind and welcoming; she showed me around the city and introduced me to many new experiences - chocolate bacon, cucumber soda and the expression 'my dogs are barking,' to name just a few. And she gave me this gorgeous parasol, just perfect for protection from the sun's heat! We visited an amazing candy store on South Congress (Big Top Candy Shop), Uncommon Objects (I am absolutely going to furnish my house from here when we move) and several great vintage stores. It was such a fantastic day, and I feel like I've known Amelia for years. Looking forward to our formal-wear ukelele evenings, lovely lady!

The Aladdin's Cave that is Uncommon Objects.

Like kids in a candy store ...

And here, apropos of nothing, are some pictures of Austin taken from our hotel windows. Such a beautiful place!

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