Monday, May 31, 2010

Home sweet home

1 Jun '10
Beret - vintage, thrifted
Blouse - vintage, thrifted
Waistcoat - little boy's, thrifted
Trousers - vintage, thrifted
Suede oxfords - vintage Selby, thrifted

It is so nice to be home! I am catching up on all the things that were neglected while I was so busy (laundry is high on that list) and working on the book. In front of the heater, naturally. Mink is pleased to have me back too, I think, although he is pretty inscrutable.

Happy Memorial Day to everyone in the States! Enjoy your day at home. I'm certainly enjoying mine.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Warm! Cosy! Fluffy!

Hooray! I am home, installed in front of the heater with a cup of tea, and well-insulated from the grim weather outside. And I can stay that way for the foreseeable future, as I have finished my stint at the publishing company and can work from home full-time once more, focusing on revising the new book (and working with the copy-editor on The Cry of the Go-away Bird - that's on the horizon this June). I'm going out for a Thai meal this evening in my cosy local restaurant (they don't even ask me what I want to order any more, because I have the same thing every time) with a couple of the other editors from the publishing company, which is the perfect way to spend a cold evening. Green curry and a nice glass of white wine - yum! I'm rugged up in preparation - this fluffy white sweater is the softest thing ever. Even softer than Mink. And there's something lovely about wearing white in winter, isn't there? I'm not quite sure what it is.

Those of you who are in Kiwi-land - stay warm. Those of you who are elsewhere - erm ... have a good day? And everybody - stay tuned for an awesome giveaway coming tomorrow! I'm really excited about this one.

Saturday, May 29, 2010


This has nothing to do with anything, but I thought it was hilarious. We went out to brunch this morning with LOML's brother and sister-in-law and our little nephew. Now, I think my nephew is pretty much the coolest thing in the entire world, and I love him very much and enjoy playing with him, but this expression (captured on camera this morning) is indicative of how my face looks whenever I come into contact with babies.

"Please don't let me drop him! Please don't let me drop him! Please let him not start crying."

"Smile for the camera, Andrea."

A frozen, horrified rictus appears on Andrea's face.

And that is why I am sticking to cats for the time being.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


So I'm home today, looking rather like Quasimodo, with one side of my face swollen and bruised. Turns out that the bottom wisdom tooth is indeed a different beast from the top one - it had to be sawn into four bits before it would come out. I'm suffering a bit today. Yesterday I wanted to tear my jaw off and run away to join the circus. Today I am slightly better (although would still like to join the circus - possibly as a bearded lady, if it will hide my swollen jaw).


As you know, I have been working at the publishing company for the last few weeks. It has been a crazily busy time, as we had about five different publications to put out in that time, but it has been fun too. I really enjoy working with the graphic designers on layout and image selection - it's not something I get to do with my own books, as all the design stuff is out of my hands. I love working with the elements on a page, making something alive and moving from something static, and choosing the perfect image that will make the article pop. The whole process also gave me an idea (and watching The September Issue yesterday helped too!). In putting together a print publication, you create a scrapbook that details what appears on each page - the ads, the articles, the image spaces and so on. I have been revising Current Book again, and needed a new way of looking at material that has become far too familiar to me - too familiar in that it's hard to maintain a detached perspective on it. So I've started to create a scrapbook. I printed out the whole thing, and I have been cutting and pasting sections into the scrapbook in the order in which I'd like them to appear (I'm making some quite substantial structural changes again!) and writing new scenes on sheets of paper that I'm inserting into the book as well. It has made a nice change from staring at a screen, and feels much more physical and real than typing. Theoretically, when I've finished the scrapbook, I'll be able to adjust the file to reflect the print book (I've recorded the page number of each snippet in the book as I've gone along, so that I remember where to find it). So this is what I'm doing at the moment. That, and rinsing my mouth out with salt and holding a packet of frozen peas against my jaw.

New bag required

Sick of my change and keys falling through the hole in the lining of my handbag...
Images: Jak and Jil / Amlul

I guess they had to get this right the first time...

Image source: Rush Magazine

Monday, May 24, 2010

DIY - Cut out + studded denim shorts

Love this easy diy - remove pockets, stud and go. Although studding may have had its day, still fun!

 Image: src783

Sunday, May 23, 2010

In my Glastonbury suitcase

Can't wait!

Images: Glastonbury fest 2009 / Sally and Chloe Blog / Asos Reclaimed

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mustard berets make a rainy day bright

I feel strange. Our move has always been something on the horizon - within sight, but comfortingly removed at the same time. Now it seems to be hurtling towards us with all the subtlety of an earth-destroying meteorite. Not that I'm comparing the move to a meteorite, really - I'm excited about it, but it is inevitably scary at the same time. LOML will be in Austin in two weeks or so. Two weeks! That's very soon. I am going to be here for a bit longer, but I'll be going over for a couple of weeks in June before coming back here for all of July. And then we move officially in the first week of August, Mink and furniture and books and clothes and cups and plates and all. There is so much to organise before then - getting my full driver's licence, for one thing (I've been lazy about it - I have been driving on my restricted licence for years, meaning I can't drive in the middle of the night or carry passengers who don't have licences). I am trying to surf the waves of craziness without letting them dump me into a metaphorical sandbar, but it is quite difficult. I feel increasingly distanced from my friends and family here, and the blogosphere too, because I'm a bit over-absorbed in my own thoughts and worries - I need to take some time to reconnect with everyone, rather than just making endless to-do lists and chasing my tail. Anyway. I will leave you with a story:

I went out to breakfast this morning with some friends. Shortly afterwards, as I was walking along the city streets in my bright yellow winter coat, a woman came up to me.
"I love your coat!"
"Thank you!" That coat gets a lot of comments - probably because it is extremely bright and hard to miss.
So far, a nice, amiable exchange. Then the woman comes right up to me and starts feeling the sheepskin collar and searching for the label at the back of the coat, as if I am a mannequin in a shop window. I was so taken aback that the words in my head came out of my mouth without the usual 'Does this sound mad? Yes. Sounding mad scares people. Don't say it,' filter that my words usually pass through.
"And now you're touching me," I said. "Why are you touching me?"
"Is this coat really modern or really old?" she said.
"Really old."
She would not stop touching my coat. She was eyeing the hem. I had visions of her bending down and examining it.
"It's not for sale," I said. Actually I didn't. I wish I had. Instead I gave her a weird, fixed smile and backed away. It was all a bit odd.

Happy weekend!!

Will need this after the late nights...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

In which I use the word 'crazy' a lot

Hello! I am still alive. Look, photographic evidence. Right after the op, too (and shortly before the fainting fit) - chipmunk face!

(Hi, Christina!)

It has been a crazy week. Crazy, crazy, crazy, and the wisdom tooth didn't help (am having the last one out on Tuesday - this one's a doozy, impacted and everything. Stay tuned for chipmunk face!). I kept the tooth after the operation - it's in a little box in my handbag. I'm not intentionally carrying it everywhere - it just worked out that way because I keep forgetting to take it out. Every time I reach in for my purse I come out with a tooth in a little plastic box. Still, it has proved a great conversation piece with acquaintances and strangers alike. I considered posting some photos of it, but decided to be considerate and spare you all the sight of my gnarly tooth with its supernaturally huge roots that used to be in my jaw.

This weekend, in order to recover from my crazy (CRAZY) week, I am taking some time out to catch up on Life. Namely, to reassess where I am with both my books; to catch up with family; to clean and file and do taxes and accomplish all those other things that make life seem more orderly and sane. I will also be blogging - I've had a wonderful streak of thrifting luck this week, and I've missed you all. I want to stop thinking about the big picture and dealing with big things, and enjoy the small things that I love so much. Like my vintage apron collection, for instance. Cue gratuitous pictures of my beloved aprons.

Have a wonderful Friday, everyone! Thanks for always bearing with me when things get busy. Before I go, I'd like to quote my friend Ally's latest hilarious blog post:

"The non-internet equivalent of blogging is pretty much shouting at a whole lot of people at once and none of them are allowed to interrupt. And they are allowed to leave ... but some of them follow you. Around. Wherever you go. Waiting for you to turn around and shout at them again. Blogging just got really weird for me right then. But it would be pretty awesome if you could get all your followers in one place at one time, and they just ... followed you.

And I guess the non-internet equivalent of Twitter is running into a room and shouting, "I just saw a car with the numberplate DUM455!!!" and then running out again. And then running back in five minutes later to tell everyone about your sore toe. And then running back again five minutes later to express your thoughts on last night's episode of American Idol."


Images: The Cherry Blossom Girl / The Cherry Blossom Girl / Debris Blanc / Wide awake thoughts


Image: The Cobra Snake

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Felt Hats

Soo many felt fedoras around, love them. Its hard to decide what shape to go with though. Have decided the second photo down is my favourite.
Images: Le Fashion / Le Fashion / Google images / Garance Dore / Jak and Jil

Which ones shall I wear today?

Images: Le fashion/Le Fashion / The Cherry Blossom girl

Selling a few things on ebay...

Have decided to do an overhaul of my clothes - the cupboards are groaning. Some of the things below are on sale and many more!

My shop

A quick note

Hi everyone!

I might be away for a couple of days longer - I'm back at the publishing house at the moment, and we have three publications going to print this week. And I had a wisdom tooth out yesterday, and feel a bit miserable (also had the interesting experience of fainting - something I've never done before. It's all fodder for the autobiography). Excuses, excuses! I'll be back soon. Hope you're all well and having wonderful weeks, wherever you are.

A xx

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The ears never get old...

Images :Fashion Smut / Asos /

Pink over grey

Love this pallette - works so well for a uk summer, or an aussie autumn where the below photos were taken. Particuarly love the jacket worn  by Sara of Harper and Harley
Images: Vanessa Jackman / Harper and Harley

Monday, May 17, 2010

DIY - The Finished Product - Bike Stripping and Painting

Have already posted about the bike restoration that I undertook (with a significant amount of help from the bf) here and thought it was high time I posted some photos. The bike used to be a kind of blue colour with heaps of stickers on it so I think it looks pretty nice. Haven't actually ridden the bike yet - have found myself too hungover at all the recent appropriate moments. Any day now though. I am a bit concerned that there are a few bolts and screws left over from the dismantling of the bike though.
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